When my children brought me my first cocker, all those years ago I was instantly hooked on this wonderful breed. My original Dogs came to us having had the benefit of years of selective breeding to the highest possible standard, with particular attention paid to temperament, they are well and truly part of the family and spend much of their time playing with the grandchildren.

Our dogs have all been raised in a loving and caring environment, often providing untold joy with their antics.

We are based in a rural location near Stocksfield - only 10 minutes from Corbridge and just off the A69, our dogs have tailor-made kennels and the perfect habitat.

The Anahi family has grown and now spreads right around the world. With an Anahi Cocker of your own, you can also be a part of our proud history.

Kennel Club Registration: Anahi Cocker Spaniels 71090

Durham County Council License: DCC/ABR/017148

Mrs Anne Allison
NE43 7RY
Tel: 01661 844669
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